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For information:

We have started the first wave of sending emails with payment invitations.

You can check your status by typing the name of yourself or from your dog.

mailed: we sent you an email, if you didn't get it, please check your spamfilter too
pending: your email will be sent soon.
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TAO - ProsecCup will have a shopping area.
If you are interested in a vendor stand, please get in touch:

*** The competition is full, new entries will be put on the waitinglist ***
Entries will open 7/11/2023 at 19:00h
Link to the entry form:

Entry fee for 3 days: 75€
Entry fee per day: 30€

The following data needs to be provided on the entry form:

-Handler Name and Surname
° Pedigree name and Petname
° Breed
° Chipnumber
° Jump height (S,M,I,L)
° Category (A1,A2,A3)
-Camping spot needed yes/no

The agility competition is open to all FCI competitors. The dogs taking part in the competition must be at least 18 months old, have a tattoo or chip and valid anti-rabies vaccination.
Every competitor that will apply for the competition can be assigned as a helper.

The competition will be held in 4 height categories:
° Small <35cm, jumps at 30cm
° Medium <43 cm, jumps at 40cm
° Intermediate <48cm, jumps at 50cm
° Large >= 48cm, jumps at 60cm

In case too many entries, we will keep a waiting list
Priority will be given to those who will apply for 3 days.

The entry fee is not refundable. If after paying the entry fee you want to withdraw we will chose somebody frome the waiting list, you will have to settle accounts with that person.
Camping spots for motorhomes and caravans will be available at the venue.
The price is 40€ for the whole event, including electricity.
Reservations can be made after 10/12/2023
The link to application form for a camping spot will be posted later.
3 days of ENCI competition with Jumping, Agility + open runs + finals
Saturday evening: Party 🥳🍾🥂

ProsecCup will be hosted at Circolo Ippico del Cristallo, a spacious and modern equestrian center near the city of Treviso.
The 3 full size rings will be in the main arena which has a view on the event from the Prosecco bar and restaurant.

The venue is located at 5 minutes from the A4 higway exit and 10 minutes from the historical city center of Treviso.
Venice is only 30km away, a commercial centre is at walking distance (1km)

Circolo Ippico del Cristallo
Via Francesco Baracca 13
31032 Conscio (TV)
link to Google Maps
GPS Coordinates:
45.607397370115855, 12.28971735885244
45° 36' 26.6292" N, 12° 17' 22.9812" E
TAO - ProsecCup is organised by Why Not Dog and IBC (Italian Border Collie Club)